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Not the least of these quantum variables is, of course, consciousness; the slightest shift can produce profound changes. If we think of mid-winter as a metaphor for this time period, putting up our Christmas lights and giving gifts of cheer and compassion can make a big difference in this otherwise dark season. The Christmas or Christ consciousness approach of Love is, no doubt, also appropriate for this larger time period.

On the other hand, it is 13, years until the equivalent mid-summer yuga, so be prepared to settle in for the long haul.


Christian Hermetic Astrology: The Star of the Magi and the Life of Christ [Robert Powell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Who were the. Hermetic Astrology: Volume 1 (): Robert Powell: Books. Christian Hermetic Astrology: The Star of the Magi and the Life of Christ.

It has been noted that times of extreme difficulty call forth outstanding leaders and accomplishments. It appears that great challenges face us at this time and it would be heartening to think that we are situated somewhere near the midpoint of the dark times in the 26, year cycle with a promising light now beginning again to grow.

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The fact that Christmas and other ceremonies of the birth of the light come in the northern hemisphere at the darkest point in the yearly cycle, is indicative of this tendency to feel encouraged by the knowledge that the cycle has reversed even though there are still many cold dark nights until spring and summer. Although no sign can be expected to be all positive and Aquarius does have a good bit of darkness behind its bright front, it is a sign that promises some balance to the depths of darkness of the final period of the Piscean age.

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Voss, , p. John W. Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Much of this conversation concerns the nature of mind or nous, as compared with reason.

It is especially noteworthy that the two giants of our solar system are involved in this mode of reading the cosmic clock. Saturn as old Father Time, also know as Chronos to the ancient Greeks, perhaps gives us the rigid patterns read pater or father of cyclical time, while Jupiter as ruler of Sagittarius can represent the arrow of evolution. David Frawley in his book, Astrology of the Seers, presents the idea that Jupiter is the representative in our solar system of the galactic center, building on the observation that the galactic center is located in the constellation of Sagittarius and that the name for the nakshatra or lunar mansion for this degree is called Moola or root.

This rings true for me in that I have often wondered why the mythology seems to place Jupiter as king of the gods seemingly above the Sun. It also seems to fit with the fact that in Vedic astrology, Jupiter is given the highest status as the Guru of the Gods. In any case, it promises to be a very rich experience to watch Jupiter, as representative of the Great Central Gal, cycling through the planets of the cardinal cosmic cross.

No matter how literal the energizing flow, it is still wise to do our part as good recipients. Included in this preparation I recommend a daily practice that includes focusing on receiving the loving vibes from Milky Way Central. One of the ways we can visualize the energetic blessing of these times is symbolized in what I like to call the Tantric or Alchemical arrangement.

When the zodiac is shifted so that Capricorn and Aquarius are located at the bottom of the chart, the planetary rulers are in their alchemical arrangement from lead to gold and also correlate to the tantric chakra system. See figures 23 and 24 , the latter is taken from our book, Conscious Conception. Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, which correlates with lead, can represent the downward flow of involution into the density of the earth element and also the turn at the winter solstice towards the light.

It is notable that the present opposition of Saturn and Uranus emphasizes this interplay between the two signs of the root chakra. Furthermore, as we noted above, the great conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn are slated to move from the earth triplicity into air signs with the conjunction in Aquarius. See figure intro. Spiraling yet further up the cosmic ladder, we come to Pluto as the new ruler of Scorpio, replacing Mars. Eris might be seen as the strife that ultimately carries us past the little dramas of the ego and into the heart of Love.

Whereas the outer circle of the zodiac and its traditional rulers might represent the unchanging patterns of time and the Ida and Pingala channels of the subtle body , the most recently discovered planets starting with Uranus at the root center can represent a powerful new dimension of the awakening of the quantum kundalini or spiraling serpent energy for awareness. On the level of civilization this appears to coincide with the timing of their discovery and correlate with rapid advances in many fields but especially science and technology and the acceleration of information as per the Mayan calendar.

We can imagine that alignments with the galactic and super-galactic centers can be channeled in through the planets especially the powerful transformers Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto aligned with the cardinal directions to our earth, affecting the human body down to the twin snakes of the DNA, thereby activating latent energies and abilities kundalini. In alchemical language something similar is expressed by the idea that the key to the alchemical gold is held in the dark prima material.

As a final note; it is often missed that on the 12th read zodiac day after Christmas, the 6th of January, read mid-Capricorn comes the day of Epiphany, which is associated with the Magi read astrologers discovering the Christ child and presenting their gifts including alchemical gold. Similarly, as Christ is born in the lowly manger of the darkest times, following the Star of Wonder, the Magi discover the newborn child, an archetype for the rebirth of a bright new light, Christ consciousness, at the sudden revelation — Epiphany!

Karma and Chaos — Paul R. Astrology of the Seers — David Frawley. The Cosmic Serpent — Jeremy Narby.


Have a question or just want to say hi? Write to us at:. Fredericko: redrockrico freestone. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. See our disclaimer. This unique anthology presents a clear understanding of the life and work of Christian Rosenkreutz and his importance for our time.

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It offers readers a way of creative thinking that unites reason and revelation in modern language. This is perhaps the most valuable source book available for a complete overview of Rosicrucian literature. Christian Hermetic Astrology - eBook. Customer Reviews. Write a review. Ask a question.

Christian Hermetic Astrology: The Star of the Magi and the Life of Christ

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