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Role of AtmaKaraka Planet in Horoscope

Many people do not know about the Ishta Devta and they also want to get the details of their ishta Devta so they search a person who can tell the name of their Ishta Devta and can also describe the whole thing about the Devta like — who was the god, what the work was done by god and everything with simple words in a story. These were something hard but now this is so easy to know your Ishta Devta by any jyotish. They can tell you the whole detail of your Ishta Devta by their jyotish tantra.

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I think this freedom should be given to every individual. Close Subscribe. Do I see my natal saturn on the annual chart or how sir? No comments:. I have been in the midst of a difficult transition and he helped give me some perspective on a past relationship as well as some perspective into my own personal development. Jupiter in 9th can give Sai Baba or some other Guru as your ishta. If there are more grahas than one, we choose the strongest.

Now it is easier just because of internet. So, you can also know your ishta devata free from online. If we have not chosen the ishta devata properly, the mind says that an astrologer in order to determine our Ishta Devata as indicated in our. Does any one know how to determine who your Ishta Devata is by.. Can you tell me who is my ishta devata is based on my horoscope?. This proved to be a landmark study for me, especially in finding out the Ishta Devta.


After months of analysis I hit my Eureka moment when I was. Ishta-Devata for each planets - Finally, after finding the planet as discussed, we should know that which planet is related to Vishal S Saxena — Astrologer. Calculates Atmakaraka the Ruler of the Soul, as defined in Vedic Astrology for the If you don't know what Atmakaraka is, please read this article: Atmakaraka,.

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Learn what is Isht Dev and how to find it through Kundli. Isht Dev is the Step 2: Find out the Atmakarka in the birth horoscope. Check the. Sir, whom shall I worship the swami of the planet aspecting the12th house from atmakaraka or the swami of the sign placed in the 12th house from the atmakaraka.

Mars aspects this house.

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But I am a Mangalik. So mars is malefic for me. So shall I worship the swami of Mars or shall I switch to the swami of the sign placed in the 12th house from the atmakaraka. I personally prefer Lrd Vishnu. He is the swami of the sign in the 12th house from the atmakaraka.

go to link Wignesh - Just like we decide the strength of planets sitting in 12th house from karakamsha by their dignity, likewise we need to see which planet among jup-mars-ketu are in good dignity to decide which one to prefer. Which planet aspect should be taken and why? Thank you Wignesh. Thanks for reply sir Very nice article sir Tq sir. I will try to apply what u explained and see if I can understand my upcoming annual chart. One thing I can see is that Saturn in my annual chart is in scorpio and I am running venus dasha and saturn bhukti.

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Do I see my natal saturn on the annual chart or how sir? Jay - Annual Chart is for events during the year. Focus on planets whose dasha you are running and transits of major planets like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Jupiter and if any planet is going retro during the year. That would give an idea about the kind of year you may have. I downloaded a software where it shows me my annual chart So how do I read this?

Do I read as an independant chart? Follow Us.

The Light of Ashtakvarga

Mar 9, You need to necessarily search through your relatives to find the Kula Devata, While Ishta Devta can be find out from your Horoscope only. Unlike our Kul Devata, the Ishta Devata is unique for every individual, and can be easily discovered through our birth chart. As per astrology, one should.